Has A GOP Savior Stepped Forward?

Well, maybe it’s going to be Lindsey Graham, GOP senator from South Carolina, who will stand up and call out the “Four Horsemen.” Graham made news by saying what no other conservative Republican has wanted to say – the birthers are crazy. He also called them nuts. Should we hold out hope that this will […]

Who Will Save The Republican Party?

With almost all Republican legislators, with any inclination toward statesmanship, having retired or planning to retire, who, in the Republican party, elected or not, will find the strength of character and the political courage to wrest control of the party from the clutches of the lunatic fringe and bring the debate, on the conservative side, […]

Who Changed Glenn Beck’s Life?

If you’d like to know more about where Glenn Beck’s current conspiratorial political philosophy came from, meet Cleon Skousen, a fascinating revisionist historian who wrote the bible on which Glenn Beck rests his sociopolitical soul. The article below is excerpted from Salon.com. Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck’s life Cleon Skousen was a right-wing […]

The Bush Economic Legacy

This new Census Bureau report, I’m sure, will be met with cries of, “You lie!” by disciples of the Bush-Cheney regime. After all, they haven’t let facts cloud their judgment up until now. And everyone knows you can’t trust government reports unless their findings are in your favor. Republicans in congress generally regard the U.S. […]

I Am A Proud Texan

When I was about ten years old, I was having a conversation with my grandfather about all the wondrous places I would visit when I grew up. I talked, in particular, about Australia and told him that I might even move there. Other than kangaroos and koalas, I’m sure I knew nothing about Australia. But, […]

Obama The Charlatan

Well, I guess the outrage from the right wing was justified after all. The speech President Obama delivered to our school children today was clearly designed to plant the seeds of socialism, so that they may grow up to create the Peoples Republic of America, and end capitalism once and for all in this country. […]

Lies of Mass Destruction

If you’ve ever wondered why people tenaciously hold on to patently absurd beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a new study to be released in the September issue of the journal Sociological Inquiry documents a phenomenon called “motivated reasoning.” Sharon Begley of Newsweek explains in the following article. Lies of Mass […]

Healthcare Reform is in Danger

Real health care reform is in danger right now because some Democratic senators like Montana’s Max Baucus crave “bipartisanship.” But in DC, “bipartisanship” doesn’t mean policies that Republican and Democratic voters back home support. It means “whatever watered-down reform insurance companies will let Republican senators vote for.” Chuck Grassley, the main Senate Republican negotiator, has […]

The Liars Win A Round

The noise, and the half-truths, and the lies have taken a toll on healthcare reform. The provision for medicare to reimbuse for the cost of creating a living will, or other end-of-life counseling, has been removed from the draft under consideration by the U.S. Senate soley because of the lies that twisted it into something […]

Are We Really That Stupid?

If we want to be charitable, about the best we can say is that we are uninformed. A huge majority of Americans, whether they are for it or against it, cannot describe what is actually in the health care reform bill now being considered by the congress. Most Americans, who are fortunate enough to have […]

If You Believe …

If you believe, I mean truly believe, that the President of the United States was born on foreign soil; that any version of any healthcare reform bill that is now, or ever has been, under consideration by the United States Congress includes provisions for euthanasia of the elderly; that the current democratically elected government of […]