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You’ve landed at the personal website of David Perkins. I’m not quite sure what that means at this point. Just the idea that one needs a website is more than a little egocentric, so if I’m going to use it to any purpose, I’ll need to get over that. I’ll be posting some writings, past and future. There’s a blog here, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste, but feel free to agree or disagree with me at any time.

I do, from time to time, use this site to express some personal thoughts about books, film, music, politics, and whatever else catches my interest at any given moment. This is not a political site, but I tend to rant on occasion and while it’s not my intention to deliberately offend anyone, it does happen. I call myself a liberal, but I’m not a revolutionary, and most of my friends and family have long since learned to ignore me. Just be aware that some opinions expressed here may offend your conservative sensibilities. I don’t apologize for that.

The little sidebar to the right will offer links to some things I’ve found, or that have been shared with me, that represent what I consider to be “Some of the Best” or most interesting, or most outrageous uses of the web. If you know of something that belongs there, let me know. But I get to decide. Other links in the right sidebar will take you to archived blog posts, organized by category and month of posting. And, the “Stuff I Wrote” link in the top menu will lead to several “non blog” articles and essays I’ve written over the years. They will be added to as time goes by.

There are a few sponsored links scattered around to help pay the bills, as well as an on site Amazon store. Just click on Stuff I Like to get there. We only plug products and websites that we actually use, and enjoy, and believe are valuable and honest. We appreciate you using our links to get there.

Please feel free to join any discussion that goes on here, or throw tomatoes from the cheap seats if you don’t have anything relevant to offer. Of course, there’s nothing to ensure that anything that goes on here will be relevant to anything, but what the hell, poke around anyway. Bookmark it. I could be wrong.

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