Stand By Me

If you haven’t seen the wonderful international music video “Stand By Me” you must click the link and go there now. Yes, it’s the old Ben E. King song, but it was recorded by dozens of artists all over the globe, and then cut together into a really creative and moving piece. Thanks to Lia Carmody for sending this to me.

You can  CLICK HERE or use the link in the sidebar.

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  1. David,

    This is one fine video (and I am getting here WAY after it was first posted). It takes a while to load, but then you can see and hear uninterrupted. For me, it looks *much* better when not viewed full sized, but adjusted down. In order to say you like it, or share it, it seems you have to join something. Regardless, it is a fine piece of work, well worth watching. The sound, on my computer was mightily well-mixed.

    To quote the U.S. Department of State ASSISTANT SECRETARY FELTMAN: Hi. Good morning, everybody. This is my first experience as UN General Assembly and I sort of feel like I’m doing the diplomatic equivalent of speed dating. (Sat. 26, Sept. 2009)


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