Stop Your Wireless Carrier from Stealing Your Minutes!

In his New York Times column today, technical writer David Pogue explains how all major wireless phone companies use “The Mandatory 15-Second Voicemail Instructions” to chew up your airtime, and make hundreds of millions of dollars. BUT, he also explains what we can do about it. He’s organizing an email campaign, and has forewarned the phone companies that we’re coming.

If you are willing to spend 30 to 60 seconds of your time sending an email, Pogue actually thinks it will have an impact, and he has the correct email address you should use to share your concerns with your carrier. Read what you can do today at “Take Back the Beep Campaign.” It could well turn out to be worth far more than the time you spend reading.

CLICK HERE to read David Pogue’s column, “Take Back the Beep Campaign.”

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