Today – Only, You Know … Before

On This Day – 1954, Elvis Presley released his second single on Sun Records, “Good Rockin’ Tonight” a song made popular in 1948 by Wynonie Harris. 1964, The Temptations begin recording “My Girl” which went on to be their first number one and the first of fifteen Top Ten hits. 1965, “Eve of Destruction” by […]

Who Will Save The Republican Party?

With almost all Republican legislators, with any inclination toward statesmanship, having retired or planning to retire, who, in the Republican party, elected or not, will find the strength of character and the political courage to wrest control of the party from the clutches of the lunatic fringe and bring the debate, on the conservative side, […]

How To Stalk Your Kid At College

If you’d like to keep an eye on your son’s or daughter’s every move while they’re away at college, here’s the advice you’ve been looking for. Caution: May be harmful to your relationship with your offspring.

Who Changed Glenn Beck’s Life?

If you’d like to know more about where Glenn Beck’s current conspiratorial political philosophy came from, meet Cleon Skousen, a fascinating revisionist historian who wrote the bible on which Glenn Beck rests his sociopolitical soul. The article below is excerpted from Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck’s life Cleon Skousen was a right-wing […]

Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son

It comes to pass, in every parent’s life, that a child will begin preparations to leave home. Some will be off to college, some will go to the military or other national service, and many will just strike out to seek their fortunes in whatever field has captured their imagination. It’s at this moment, when […]

The Bush Economic Legacy

This new Census Bureau report, I’m sure, will be met with cries of, “You lie!” by disciples of the Bush-Cheney regime. After all, they haven’t let facts cloud their judgment up until now. And everyone knows you can’t trust government reports unless their findings are in your favor. Republicans in congress generally regard the U.S. […]

I Am A Proud Texan

When I was about ten years old, I was having a conversation with my grandfather about all the wondrous places I would visit when I grew up. I talked, in particular, about Australia and told him that I might even move there. Other than kangaroos and koalas, I’m sure I knew nothing about Australia. But, […]

Obama The Charlatan

Well, I guess the outrage from the right wing was justified after all. The speech President Obama delivered to our school children today was clearly designed to plant the seeds of socialism, so that they may grow up to create the Peoples Republic of America, and end capitalism once and for all in this country. […]

Road Song: A Review

I’d never heard of Rob Ickes until hearing a snippet of Road Song on radio a few days ago. (Yes, some people still listen to radio.) Ickes is the long time dobro player for Blue Highway, a contemporary bluegrass group who’s work had also escaped my attention before now. Road Song is Ickes’ fifth solo […]

Gather Your Thoughts Beautifully

A new site is getting a lot of national attention for a new twist on a vintage theme; be kind to the planet. In the interest of full disclosure, the co-owner of Plum Journals (or co-plum, as she likes to call herself) is an old personal friend of mine, but that’s not why I’ve decided […]