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A new site is getting a lot of national attention for a new twist on a vintage theme; be kind to the planet. In the interest of full disclosure, the co-owner of Plum Journals (or co-plum, as she likes to call herself) is an old personal friend of mine, but that’s not why I’ve decided to give her site a plug. Besides, she hardly needs my help. I just happen to think it’s something visitors to this site might like to know about. I’ve also added it to my list of sites that I consider to be among the best, most interesting, and in this case, most eco-friendly uses of the web. I’ve put a link to Plum Journals under “Some of the Best Stuff”  in the panel to the right.

Plum Journal LogoSo, what is a Plum Journal? In a sentence, it provides an easy and attractive way to keep a journal, or diary if you prefer, right on the desktop of your computer. No paper (unless you choose to print it out) or pen required. Now, the truth is, you can keep a journal in the word processor of your choice. Why should you spend nine bucks to keep it in a Plum Journal?

Well, one look at the time and talent that went into the designs at Plum Journals will answer that question. They are beautiful. It’s the difference between writing in a college ruled spiral notebook and writing on fine linen stationery. There’s something tranquil about it. You don’t get the tactile pleasure that comes with fine stationery, but you don’t get that with Microsoft Word either.

Okay, another disclosure here; I don’t keep a journal. I’d like to. I’ve tried to. But I don’t have the discipline to keep an active journal. And an entry every three or four months falls more into the category of random note taking than journaling. But, if you keep a journal or a diary, or think you’d like to, and you’d love a beautiful and convenient way to do it, this could be for you. And depending on when you decide to give it a try, their free trial offer may still be going on. If not, what the hell, it’s only $8.95 if you pay full freight. Skip a double mocha latte one day. You’ll be a better person for it.

According to you can keep your Plum Journal on your computer desktop, or on a USB flash drive, making it completely portable from one computer to another. They are platform independant, which means you can use them on a Mac or a PC, and once downloaded, you don’t need internet access to use them.

They are a gorgeous, paperless, and “green” alternative to traditional paper journals and diaries. On your desktop, they have the same look and feel of a real book. The pages even turn! So if you love your planet, and you love to journal, give my friend, Karen, a visit at

David Perkins

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  1. David, thanks for the pitch!

    Thought I would add a bit of background. This idea came from hearing over and over that people were really interested in the value of journaling, but didn’t connect with writing in a book. (BTW – I just read that children are no longer writing in cursive – interesting as we evolve elctronically!).
    Word docs felt too lifeless, people wanted the experience of the book with the familiarity of their keyboard. So here we are today.

    I also tend to skip a day, a month, whatever – that’s why there are no dates – no heavy commitment!

    Thanks again

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