Obama The Charlatan

Well, I guess the outrage from the right wing was justified after all. The speech President Obama delivered to our school children today was clearly designed to plant the seeds of socialism, so that they may grow up to create the Peoples Republic of America, and end capitalism once and for all in this country. If you didn’t hear that in his speech, then you just weren’t paying attention. It was there. You just had to listen between the lines. He’s crafty, that Obama guy! He’s not fooling anyone with that “wash your hands” crap. Thank God for Glenn Beck.

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  1. Now, David, you know I have to comment on this.

    Glen Beck and millions of other Americans know this speech wasn’t designed to turn our schoolkids into radical left wing commies. It was just a foot in the door to open the White House to a new avenue of spreading whatever messages it wishes to spread to a captive audience. It was for the first through sixth grade….please take my money here when I bet that next, he will want to talk to seventh through twelfth grade. Just in time for 35 or 40 million 18 year olds to vote in 2012. Care to wager a big fat $10.00 bill on that? And he doesn’t have to say anything about politics at all…all he has to do is smile that huge, flashy Ipana smile (tobacco stains carefully scrubbed away) and tell the kids he feels their pain, understands their problems, wants them to succeed…and bingo….the captive audience responds with high approval numbers because they really need to hear those things and they are too young to realize they’ve been had.

    Forgive people like Glen Beck for being suspicious. He’s seen some pretty slick political stuff happening…look at ACORN, which is set to benefit from more than 8 billion stimulus dollars, after having received more than 50 million already, while under investigation in 14 states for voter fraud..none of which was designed to help conservatives….

    I liked the President’s speech to the kids this week, and I think he has some very good ideas for America. I want him to live a long and healthy life. I want to see a meaningful health care reform package passed in this legislature. I agree with Obama that America is too great a country to allow so many to suffer without proper medical attention, and it is a shame and an embarrassment that we have put it off for so long.

    Ronald Reagan (you remember him, David, America’s greatest 20th century leader) once said, “Never let a camel get his nose under your tent. The next thing you know, your tent will be gone and you’ll be looking up an a very ugly, large animal.”

    Well, there you go again, David….

    Our smooth, sophisticated, slightly smoky smelling President has gotten his nose under our school children’s tent, and before too long….just wait and see….he’s going to use that new pulpit on the next wave of new voters. Mark my words and put your money where your mouth is if you disagree.

    The message was good. Education is vital. Work hard, stay in school…who could argue with that?

    The problem is whose nose is now under which tent.

    That’s all Glen Beck, and millions of others including myself, are concerned with.

    …and there I go ending a sentence in a preposition. Maybe I should have stayed in school.

  2. Is that how you felt about Reagan and Bush addressing our school children, or are their noses more acceptable under the tent? You know, Kent, sometimes a “work hard and stay in school” speech is just a “work hard and stay in school” speech. And Glenn Beck doesn’t give a damn about anything but Glenn Beck.

    The Arlington, Texas Independent School District refused to allow their students to see Obama’s speech, even tape delayed, because it would “take too much time away from studies.” On September 21st, this same school district will bus 28 fifth grade classes to Cowboys Stadium to hear George W. Bush talk to them about education. So rest easy. All is well in Texas.

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