A Good Halloween Soundtrack

The MP3 file, linked to below, is a five minute Halloween soundtrack created by me and my son, Austin, about seven or eight years ago. The voices are ours, run through a pitch conversion box, and the rest came from a few canned sound effects. Click on the link below, or the graphic above, to […]

The Truth About …

Since the outset of the current healthcare reform debate in this country, a lot has been said on talk radio, cable news outlets, assorted print media, the blogosphere, and thousands of other internet outlets. Not to mention every corner drugstore and coffee shop in America. The available information ranges from “just the facts” to honest […]

Would You Kill For a Million Bucks?

Would you kill a wheelchair-bound man for a million dollars? Probably not. But there are those who would. If you needed further proof that the health insurance industry is broken, and needs some new controls, here’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with it. Ian Pearl is 37 years old, and he suffers from muscular […]

Peace Through Music

Playing for Change is the organization that produced the wonderful international music video “Stand By Me” which can also be found on our site. This followup is the great Bob Marley song, “One Love” recorded with many of the same international artists who participated in the first project. Their mission is to promote peace and […]

Exactly What Are We Fighting About?

The debate over whether or not the federal and/or state governments should mandate affordable access to medical care for all Americans has raged for at least 75 years. As a larger and larger segment of the population finds itself in the “have not” column when it comes to healthcare access, this debate is more critical […]

How Have We Come To This?

It has been clear for a long time that there is no statement, no deed, no effort by President Obama that the Republicans would applaud, or even acknowledge as worthwhile. But last week they cheered, en masse, America’s loss of it’s Olympic bid just because they saw it as an embarrassment to Obama. Today, they […]

Democrats Poised to Blow It – Again

Will Rogers was fond of saying, “I belong to no organized party. I’m a Democrat.” I don’t know whether to take heart from the fact that the Democrats’ current lack of focus and direction is not a new phenomenon, or to be discouraged by the fact that they’ve been this undisciplined for at least eighty […]

40 Years Ago the Flying Circus Came to Town

Forty years ago this week marked the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on British television. The show was later picked up by the PBS station in Dallas, Texas, and eventually spread across the United States and the rest of the world. Television comedy was forever changed. The Parrot Sketch was not part of the […]

Has A GOP Savior Stepped Forward?

Well, maybe it’s going to be Lindsey Graham, GOP senator from South Carolina, who will stand up and call out the “Four Horsemen.” Graham made news by saying what no other conservative Republican has wanted to say – the birthers are crazy. He also called them nuts. Should we hold out hope that this will […]