40 Years Ago the Flying Circus Came to Town

Forty years ago this week marked the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on British television. The show was later picked up by the PBS station in Dallas, Texas, and eventually spread across the United States and the rest of the world. Television comedy was forever changed. The Parrot Sketch was not part of the first Python program, but is a longtime favorite of mine, and as such, is included below for your nostalgic pleasure.

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  1. It is a funny one David. My how times change. . .40 years ago the Flying Circus comes to town and now a clown (somebody to do with Cirque de Soliel [sp?]) has paid $35 million to fly into outer space. He’s gonna’ do an internet show there. Amazing! Furthermore, we are going to provide the “rockets red glare in the background”…so to speak. That rocket show is a real bargain for the taxpayers. We are only paying around $79 million. In either case, the theme for the show is water. My how times change. I remember taking a little red transistor radio outside during the school day so we could hear about some guy circling the earth. 40 years, you say? Imagine that.

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