Happy Thanksgiving

May You..

be blessed with friends, and family, and good food and drink. May you have a warm and safe place to enjoy them all. May your team win, and may there be a “friend” to whom you can gloat. May you reconnect with someone you’ve missed. May you miss someone who’s gone. May you take a moment to know how blessed you are, and take another to help someone who’s not. May you have a joyful and heartfelt and glorious Thanksgiving.



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  1. Hey Dave,
    Thank you so much for the introduction to your wonderful website. Not only are the photos magnificient, but the music under “some of the best stuff” was incredible. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season. Take care and hope to see you soon. I am sitting in my office looking at my Diana Krall poster you got me and thank you again so much. Take care, Sue

  2. Ruthie and I wish you and Ryan and Austin a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re spending this beautiful Texas day with all three of my brothers, their wives and all the kids in the family. The people in our lives are our greatest assets, and we’re grateful for them. Thanks for the beautiful message, and pay no attention to Chick; sensitive is a very good male quality. By the way, tell them we said. “Hello,” too!

  3. Brother Dave,
    Thank you for your heartfelt wishes. Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your lovely wife Ryan, Austin and Sis Di. Love you guys!

  4. Sounds like everything is good in your neck of the woods. It is here too. Had 5 days off did some genealogy work on Moms side of the family (no horse thief so far). Take care of u and yours. Luv ya Sherri

  5. Hey Stranger! Thanks for including me. Too long since we’ve talked. I’m still at the salt mine. Sorry I’m late to the table but have a good rest of the holiday season.
    All the best

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Uncle David, Aunt JoAnne, Austin and Sugar! We love you guys and send warm wishes to you. Enjoy! Thankful for wonderful family!!

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